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not fair…

Today was shaping up to be a perfect Sunday. My crafty mojo was buzzy, I had no obligations, and there was a Golden Girls marathon on TV. I headed into the lab and started making some super cute little barrettes (for kiddos, methinks.) Was feeling pretty good about those, but couldn’t shake the achy feeling creeping over me. Undaunted, I trekked to the fabric store to pickup some zippers for a new pattern I want to try out, but by the time I got home I realized that I felt too crappy to start any new projects. And I’m irritated!! I’ve been struggling with not feeling creative for too many weeks…and now that I’ve got some inspiration, I can’t seem to pry myself off the couch.

What would a Golden Girl do? Probably pop some Aleve (which I’m gonna do), suck it up, and get back to work. And then bust out a cheesecake. If only I had a cheesecake…


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work is so much…work

So much to do, so much to do! I’m guessing this is kinda what an elf might feel like, if an elf made freakin’ adorable stuff!

I”m aiming to get the etsy store up and running by this weekend…’cause you know that girls all over are just dying to buy fuzzy woolen things at the precipice of summer. Of course they are!

Here’s a glimpse into my workspace on any given night…I can count at least 4 different projects in progress here…which is about a third of the total projects going on at any given time. Viva la chaos!work(s) in progress

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the self-proclaimed queen of work-avoidance…

I first became aware of this particular trait when I was in high school. If I had an assignment due, you could bet that I’d be cleaning my room, or something else sorta productive.  These days, at work, if there’s a task that really must be finished, I’ll be arranging my file folders by color (probably rainbow order.) Or testing all of my pens to see if they still write. Or counting how many actual work days might be in the month, for no damn good reason.

Yeah – I said “sorta” productive.

I am behind schedule making all the stuff I want to be making, and instead of manipulating wool and attaching buttons, I’m social-networking. Blogging. Researching. The thing is, this might actually work in my favor…’cause all of this is necessary work, and logic dictates that I should avoid it. What better way to avoid it than by being creative and making stuff?

Hey! It’s a win-win, methinks…unless I attempt to avoid both things by spending time trying to, oh, learn to play guitar.

 Stay tuned.

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i have a strong appreciation for handmade things, and an unhealthy obsession with textiles. ice cream is a necessity. i have a little bit of blue hair and a lot of t-shirts. grammar and linguistics are of equal and opposite importance to me. i love a spontaneous dance party. i think lolcats are super, and target is where i go when i need a quick happy.

what am i reading this week?

leafing through the latest "bust" (the one with diablo cody on the cover) when i have time...which is rarely!

what am i listening to this week?

booker t and the mg's keeps popping up...

what am i doing this week?

tuesday: needlefelting class at paste! friday: b&e at both vintage vinyl AND the tap room! saturday: last left arm show at the fox hole...i can't even exclaim this statement, it's so sad. sniff.


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