one giant leap for kat-kind!

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Maybe if I made stuff out of crap just lying around my house (or the dumpster behind my apartment), then I’d feel like I had a little more freedom to make mistakes. But oh, no – I have consistently chosen to dabble in pricey hobbies, including my current love of wool and felt. I’ve considered raising my own sheep ’cause I think it’d be cheaper but I doubt my landlord would like that, plus I’m really lazy. So I order supplies a little at a time, and when they arrive, I’m torn. I want to start making stuff immediately BUT I know that as soon as I tear into it, I might as well be working with actual dollar bills. Scares me, especially when I’m trying new projects. And I do NOT have the patience to make mock-ups of whatever it is I’m trying to create.

I’m better about taking the risk these days, but when a project fails…ugh. It’s a double whammy – a FAIL and a waste of money. There was one such project taunting me in the lab – it wasn’t horrible but the craftsmanship was not up to par. I knew I’d never even give it away let alone try to sell it, yet I let it sit there so I could stare at it and be reminded that I failed. So tonight, I did something I’d never really done before – I reclaimed a project. I took the thing apart, salvaged what fabric I could, and discarded the rest. And it felt really empowering, and bonus! I could now say I use (some) recycled material!

So I sat working on my new project with my salvaged fabric and thought, Did I really go through all that trouble just to reclaim a 3″ square of fabric? You bet your ass I did. ‘Cause that’s how I roll (when I’m not being neurotic and weird, which is nearly all of the time.)


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not fair… the curse of being so very talented

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i have a strong appreciation for handmade things, and an unhealthy obsession with textiles. ice cream is a necessity. i have a little bit of blue hair and a lot of t-shirts. grammar and linguistics are of equal and opposite importance to me. i love a spontaneous dance party. i think lolcats are super, and target is where i go when i need a quick happy.

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leafing through the latest "bust" (the one with diablo cody on the cover) when i have time...which is rarely!

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booker t and the mg's keeps popping up...

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tuesday: needlefelting class at paste! friday: b&e at both vintage vinyl AND the tap room! saturday: last left arm show at the fox hole...i can't even exclaim this statement, it's so sad. sniff.


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