perchance to sleep

August 13, 2009 at 11:42 pm 1 comment

My mind is quite the fertile place. I’m not bragging – not everything that comes outta there is worth sharing, but my brain meats love to chew on a notion or a problem until a fully formed idea or solution pops out. Unfortunately, sometimes I forget that I’ve already solved said problem or solidified said idea, and that’s when I start to obsess. I thought I’d help myself by carrying little notebooks, writing down thoughts about potential projects so that I wouldn’t forget that I’d already thunk them once. I think. Except I didn’t realize I’d have such a difficult time deciphering my own spazzy notes. One note reads, bnd lng edg, bnd shrt edg, sw ins o, bnd w lng sd o, more contrast? !!! nd to mk intrfc sm than fab

Seriously. What the hell, Kat?

The only part of that note that means a thing to me is the three exclamation points – I was obviously *quite* excited about this innovation. The rest is suspect. Something about edges, interfacing, fabric, blah blah blah. Who knows? Another note reads, rvrs appliqué!!! Again, quite excited, and just as useless, because I have no idea what project warranted reverse appliqué. Sigh.

I try to make my notes a little more clear these days; I try to give them titles; I try to give them drawings. And that’s been working out well, because I make these notes during waking hours. But sometimes inspiration strikes me in the middle of the night (or, as was the case last night, several times) and when I wake up with the PERFECT idea there’s no reason to write anything down. Why? Because the “ideas” that spring from sleep are usually completely jacked up and impossible to create.

Like this owl pillow I’ve been asked to make (woo, custom request! woo!) I’ve been arranging and rearranging felt and roving and fabric and floss in my head for DAYS. I’ll need to engineer the layers of the owl properly, and there is no do-over – I don’t have enough felt! I went to bed ruminating on the problem, and woke up a few times with the silliest of ideas, none of which I’ll share here (all because I once thought I’d dreamed up the perfect movie plot – it involved two kids, a dinosaur, and time travel and made no sense the next morning.) Foggy and grumpy, I went to work and hoped for an epiphany. Because my drab cubicle is where creativity goes to die, I had no such epiphany. I did, however, realize that my design and aesthetic will very likely result in a cute little pillow, regardless of which particular combination of elements I use.

Why can’t everything be this easy?


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even my fatal flaw is too lazy to actually kill me

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  • 1. Courtney  |  August 21, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    Land of the lost! Heck yeah.

    Kat, I suffer from the same midnight creativity insanity. Probably why I have trouble sleeping!


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