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not fair…

Today was shaping up to be a perfect Sunday. My crafty mojo was buzzy, I had no obligations, and there was a Golden Girls marathon on TV. I headed into the lab and started making some super cute little barrettes (for kiddos, methinks.)¬†Was feeling pretty good about those, but couldn’t shake the achy feeling creeping over me. Undaunted, I trekked to the fabric store to pickup some zippers for a new pattern I want to try out, but by the time I got home I realized that I felt too crappy to start any new projects. And I’m irritated!! I’ve been struggling with not feeling creative for too many weeks…and now that I’ve got some inspiration, I can’t seem to pry myself off the couch.

What would a Golden Girl do? Probably pop some Aleve (which I’m gonna do), suck it up, and get back to work. And then bust out a cheesecake. If only I had a cheesecake…


May 31, 2009 at 11:03 pm 2 comments


i have a strong appreciation for handmade things, and an unhealthy obsession with textiles. ice cream is a necessity. i have a little bit of blue hair and a lot of t-shirts. grammar and linguistics are of equal and opposite importance to me. i love a spontaneous dance party. i think lolcats are super, and target is where i go when i need a quick happy.

what am i reading this week?

leafing through the latest "bust" (the one with diablo cody on the cover) when i have time...which is rarely!

what am i listening to this week?

booker t and the mg's keeps popping up...

what am i doing this week?

tuesday: needlefelting class at paste! friday: b&e at both vintage vinyl AND the tap room! saturday: last left arm show at the fox hole...i can't even exclaim this statement, it's so sad. sniff.

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